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Galileo Banking as a Service: You handle the customer experience. We do the rest.

Count on Galileo Banking as a Service whether you’re looking to:

• Embed payment services into your brand’s offering

• Create the next great challenger bank

• Pay 1099 workers or make disbursements

We know payments present tremendous opportunities for all types of businesses—from those that choose to make payments their central business model to those that just want a fast, easy, cost-efficient way to get money to employees, gig economy workers and customers.

We also know payments are complex, requiring back-office functionality that is costly and beyond the scope of most startups and those that simply want to embed payments as part of a broader experience.

Whichever camp you fall into, Galileo Banking as a Service delivers payment capabilities through our powerful API payment processing platform.

• With Galileo Pro, you select the Galileo delivery channels and features that are right for you, while retaining full control over your support vendor choices and customer experience.

• With Galileo Instant, your choices are streamlined for fast implementation, but the debit card products you offer and the customer experience are all yours.

Want to know more? Visit for our full capabilities, take a look at the Galileo Instant Dashboard or contact us!

Banking as a Service: Galileo does that!


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