Open APIs

Galileo’s Open APIs connect you to the most powerful and sophisticated capabilities in fintech and payments.

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Galileo Program Master API

Create sophisticated, integrated financial programs quickly and easily—even if you’re new to payments.

The Program Master API leverages Galileo’s advanced platform to provide comprehensive technology to open bank accounts, issue cards and support the complex functionality that must operate behind the scenes of financial programs.

With the back office covered, you can focus on integrating solutions into your business logic and creating user-facing components that differentiate your programs and ensure end-to-end control of the user experience.

Galileo Real-Time Events API

Always know what’s happening in your portfolio. 

The Galileo Real-Time Events API provides real-time notification of your customers’ activity—such as changes in card status, authorization, settlement and deposits—as events happen.

We push event notifications to your endpoint or server for full transparency of your customers’ activity, creating new opportunities to improve operations, detect fraud and target market based on customer behavior.

Using our Real-Time Events API, you eliminate batch processing delays created by massive end-of-day batch files. And, by applying your proprietary logic to specific situations, you can launch your own custom push notices to verify customer activity that appears suspicious or launch predictive campaigning to engage customers in the moment.

Galileo Authorization Controller API

Protect positive customer experiences by participating in authorization decisioning. 

Use the Galileo Authorization Controller API to participate in advanced decisioning for your customers’ transaction activity.

After a transaction is reviewed by your payments network and Galileo, you receive it—along with the approve/decline recommendation—for further consideration. You may accept or override the recommendation. Or, you may apply proprietary logic or criteria—such as extending funds to avoid overdrafts, restricting teens from purchasing at inappropriate MCCs and converting funds to other currencies—before authorizing/declining transactions.

Your active participation in authorization decisioning protects your customers’ positive experiences.