AI-driven conversational banking? We now have a solution with Cyberbank Konecta

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Banking Core

The only end-to-end technology platform built on one core foundation.

Access a best-in-class multi-core banking platform with integrated payment processing.
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Build tailored financial services.

Access a full suite of digital banking and credit products and services. With a state-of-the-art digital front-end, operating on a next generation multi-product banking core, and tied to a best-in-class, digital-first card issuance and processing.

  • Innovate even faster
  • More real-time decisioning
  • Offer greater personalization
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All the modern components necessary to build and scale banking and payment programs - and accelerate to market.

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The “Core” Problem

Traditionally, if a fintech wants to offer two different products (e.g. Checking and Lending), they have to be built on two different banking cores.

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Tailored Products

Now, multiple financial products can be built on the same core, including checking, savings, deposits, rewards, lending, credit cards and more in a cloud-native environment.

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Forward-leaning organizations can join in on the leading-edge capabilities of a multi-product core banking platform with combined payment processing.

Learn more about the modern fintech platform.

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Offer more to your customers.

Integrating your multi-core and processing into one stack with one partner will provide you with a technology and data strategic advantage and substantial cost savings.