Galileo offers innovative product features that elevate your programs. If you have a need, we have a solution, because Galileo does that!

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Roundup Funding

Galileo Roundup Funding Makes Spare Change Count The “spare change” left over from purchases sweeps automatically into your customers’ linked savings or investment account—or even

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Galileo Early Pay

With nearly 75 percent of households experiencing a COVID-19-related reduction in income, getting early access to pay is more important than ever—to pay bills, buy

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Be Your Own Card Program Manager with Galileo

At Galileo, we recognize that in payments one size doesn’t fit all. As a creative entrepreneur, you need a payment processing platform that offers flexibility to bring your innovative fintech visions to market.

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Add Contactless Functionality to Your Cards

Galileo’s contactless payment options expand the appeal and functionality of your debit, credit and prepaid card programs. Physical cards will be the #1 electronic payment

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Digital Transformation Toolkit

2020 was a big year for payments as the pandemic accelerated digital transformation and adoption. Whether you’ve been digital from the get-go or want to

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Keep the interchange you earn!

You earn your interchange, so keep it—every time your customer uses your card to pay bills or make purchases. With Galileo Pro, you keep the

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