About Our Pricing

Check out the pricing for our Galileo Instant and Galileo Pro Solutions.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Product creation:


One-time fee per card product

Purchase transaction fee:

Fee Average Purchase
$0.00 ≥ $20
$0.05 $10 - 20
$0.10 < $10

Card creation:


One-time fee per cardholder account



per dispute

Due diligence:


per year


Galileo Instant pricing is simple. You pay a one-time $1,000 fee up front for each debit card product you launch. Then, you pay just $5 for each cardholder account you open plus $0.00 to $0.10 per purchase transaction, depending on your cardholders’ average spend.

In addition, you pay $100 per year for our due diligence review and $15 per disputed transaction.  That’s it.


There are no monthly minimums to meet.  You pay as you go, with your ongoing costs tied directly to the number of cardholder accounts you open, the average amount of your cardholders’ spend and the number of disputed transactions.


What’s the catch? There is none. Galileo Instant pricing is simple and straightforward, so you always know what you’re expected to pay for a surprise-free relationship. 

And, don’t forget, because you share in the interchange revenue your cardholders generate, you’re creating an ongoing revenue stream based on your cardholders’ purchases and bill payments. 

Pricing for your needs.


Galileo Pro pricing is dependent on the choices you make. It’s our pleasure to work with you to create a custom pricing proposal for your consideration.

With Galileo Pro, you create unique card and digital banking programs, combining the Galileo services and features that suit you best. You can act as your own program manager—taking on as many or as few functions as you like—or you can outsource program management to us. 

Because Galileo Pro offers limitless options, pricing depends on your choices. Our skilled sales team will work with you consultatively to create your custom pricing proposal. 

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