Growth of fintech in Latin American will begin to rival that of the U.S. image

Growth of fintech in Latin American will begin to rival that of the U.S.

By Clay Wilkes, CEO, Galileo

Looking ahead, there’s little doubt of the potential of fintech throughout Latin America, which is why my fourth prediction for the year focuses on developments south of the U.S. border.

After missing out on several cycles of technological developments within payments and banking, what was once a liability for LatAm fintech will prove an advantage to its growth.

Without the complications of an existing embedded infrastructure to be supported and maintained, LatAm fintechs are starting fresh, utilizing the latest technology and bypassing outdated legacy systems.

In the not-too-distant future, fintech growth in LatAm is likely to outpace the U.S., and Galileo will have an important role in powering this growth!

Check tomorrow for Clay’s fifth and final prediction for 2021!


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