[CEO Interview] The Continued Verticalization of Neobanking


September 1, 2020

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Recently, Galileo CEO Clay Wilkes, along with other members of our executive team—including SVP Scott Johnson, VP Mike Douglas and, soon, Head of Credit and Invest Zeenat Sidi—have been in the privileged position of being asked to share their insights on a variety of topics via podcast offered by a wonderful group of clever hosts. 

We’ve appreciated each opportunity because it gives us the chance to share our passion for the fintech business in a way that words on paper just can’t convey. Plus, in each session we’re probed by some of the best minds in fintech. Their provocative questioning forces us to look deeper into ourselves and very often share thoughts that we’d never articulate otherwise. 

But after the rush of the interview, there’s the nagging questions: “Will anyone want to listen to this?” Your likes on social media (much appreciated) and your listens (even more appreciated) prove that many are interested, and for that we are deeply grateful. Thank you!

Yet, we weren’t prepared for the amazing shoutout by CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal, who posted a column highlighting Clay’s podcast with Harry Stebbings on The Twenty Minute VC podcast. (If you haven’t listened, click here.) It was a remarkable discussion between Clay and a 23-year-old fintech and investment savant, especially Anand’s comment:

“But what I liked about Clay’s comments most was his discussion of how he built the company. We’ve always been fans of the revenue-funded mantra at CB Insights, and Clay and team took it to a whole new level bootstrapping for 20 years.”

Thank you, Anand, for listening and for your endorsement. And, right back at you for your remarkable research and analysis!

Read Anand’s full post:

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