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Manager Explains How Galileo Engineers Are Building the Future of Fintech

June 22, 2022

Photo of Anna Goldman

Meet Anna Goldman – industry veteran, travel buff, avid reader, and Software Engineering Manager at Galileo Financial Technologies. She leads one of the engineering teams at Galileo – all of whom are helping to build the innovative, revolutionary software products and services that power some of the world’s largest fintechs. Galileo is the platform that fintech is built on, and today Anna is here to tell us more about what her team does and why engineers should want to be a part of it.

But first, Anna – what are three facts that others may not know about you?


  1. I enjoy traveling to new countries and getting to know their history and culture

  2. I studied electrical engineering back in college

  3. My favorite pastime is reading

You moved from SoFi to Galileo after the acquisition. Why’d you do it?

Anna: After working for almost 15 years for various banks and fintechs (ING Direct, Capital One, Zenbanx, and SoFi) and having hands-on experience of launching a bank, I was interested in learning more about platforms providing banking technology solutions. Galileo offered the perfect opportunity to do that. Having an extensive knowledge of various banking products that are offered to customers and having implemented many of them, it was the right time for me to learn how banking technology platforms are implemented and supported.

Tell us about some of the projects your team is working on – without giving too much away of course!

Anna: Last year, my team launched the Galileo Cloud Console application, which gives our clients capabilities to view their Galileo configurations. We are now working on building additional functionalities which will enable our clients to manage other configurations and provide them with additional information which was not available previously.

Why would someone want to be an engineer at Galileo?

Anna: Galileo’s roadmap has a lot of wonderful and interesting projects. Our engineering community consists of passionate and talented engineers who are not afraid of a challenge and love to tackle difficult problems. We love to work with people who bring new ideas and challenge the status quo, as it enables us to build better solutions. Ultimately, we’re looking for engineers who are champions of customer-focused quality by defining and working with others to drive world-class service availability and quality.

Our engineering community consists of passionate and talented engineers who are not afraid of a challenge and love to tackle difficult problems.

Readers – does this sound like you? We’re hiring engineers. Check out our open roles.

The individual featured is a Galileo employee. Their personal experiences, obviously, do not take into account your own specific objectives, financial situation, and needs. Results will vary.

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