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Meet Levi: Learning Something New Everyday at Galileo


July 1, 2022

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Even after 15 years at Galileo, Solutions Architect Levi de Oliveira, is still learning something new every day. That’s because of his perpetual curiosity and pursuit of growth, plus his passion for the people and clients he interacts with on a daily basis. Today he’s sharing his journey at Galileo and the characteristics that make someone successful at the company.

But first, Levi – what’s one thing you know a lot about but don’t often talk about?

Levi: I’m pretty involved in my community. I’m a member of the Glendale Community Council and a member of the Salt Lake City Planning Commission. I’m passionate about issues that affect our community’s safety and quality of life.

You’ve been at Galileo for 15 years! WOW! What’s changed over the years? What hasn’t?

Levi: So much has changed over the years. We went from focusing on general purpose reloadable and instant issue programs to working with much larger clients that offer very comprehensive solutions including DDA, secured credit, revolving credit, overdraft, etc. One thing that has not changed has been the people. I stay because I really love the people I work with. I have had exceptional managers and mentors during my time at Galileo. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Not a day goes by where I don’t learn something new!

Not a day goes by where I don’t learn something new!

You’ve been able to move around the company throughout your tenure here. What tips do you have for others looking to navigate their careers?

Levi: I have found many growth opportunities here; I’ve held five different roles in four different organizations during the 15 years I’ve worked at Galileo. From the very beginning I took advantage of our tuition reimbursement program. This program allowed me to receive an Associate’s degree in Business Administration from Salt Lake Community College, Bachelor’s in Finance from the University of Utah, and a Masters in Information Systems from the University of Utah.

My advice to others would be to keep learning. Keep making connections with people in and outside your current role and/or organization. Stay curious, don’t become complacent, and look for new opportunities to learn and to help others.

My advice to others would be to keep learning. Stay curious, don’t become complacent, and look for new opportunities to learn and to help others.

I have also learned that you never know who you might work with in the future. I have interviewed and helped hire people who I would later report to. You should always treat everyone with the same courtesy and respect regardless of what role they have today.

Really inspiring, Levi. Awesome advice, too. So tell us more about your current role – what you do as a Solutions Architect?

Levi: As a member of the Solutions Architect team, I work directly with prospects to understand their program’s needs and then show them how Galileo can help! We also work closely with the Product, Engineering and Project Management teams at Galileo to come up with new cutting- edge functionality to help us stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, we work to ensure a smooth transition once the prospect selects us as their service provider. We prepare the transition process and introduce them to their new Technical Project Manager, who will do their implementation.

Based on your experience and tenure at the company, what characteristics make someone successful at Galileo?

Levi: There are so many characteristics that make someone successful here at Galileo:

  1. Take ownership – In our fast-paced work environment, it is imperative that you do what you say you will do and that you take ownership of what you have been assigned. When in doubt, make sure to see it through.

  2. Be curious – There’s so much to learn and things are always changing!

  3. Run after problems – Be outspoken. If you see something wrong, please speak up!

  4. Smile – Working at Galileo can be both rewarding and challenging. Try to have fun! Build connections and find a reason to smile and have fun at work!

If there’s one thing you’d want others to know about working at Galileo, what would it be?

Levi: I would want others to know that we truly have a phenomenal team. Our management teams are in touch with the needs of the employees, and we’ve built a company culture that is filled with extremely friendly and helpful people.

If you’re also a perpetual learner, are naturally curious, and want to grow your career, consider applying to Galileo today!

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