Galileo Standard Services

Standard Services

Galileo Standard Services expand your capabilities and simplify back-office complexity, so you can focus on your customers.

Galileo Touch-Free Contactless Payments

Touch-free contactless payments, so your customers don’t have to touch that!

Galileo Touch-Free Contactless Payments offer your customers a faster and more convenient experience at the point of sale—leading cardholders to make their contactless cards their top-of-wallet choice for in-store purchases.

In addition, contactless payments appeal to consumers’ heightened sensitivity to protect their health in every possible way by avoiding direct contact with point-of-sale terminals—with uncertain sanitization procedures and schedules—used by hundreds or even thousands of people.

Eliminate physical contact at the point of sale.

Provide a Better Customer Experience

With contactless cards, your customers breeze through the checkout process.

Avoid Direct Contact with POS Terminals

Using contactless cards and other contactless form factors, your customers avoid direct contact with the germs and viruses that may reside on point-of-sale terminals.

Choose Your Integrated Card Manufacturer

We support more than a dozen card manufacturers, so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

Don’t Forget the Pays

Galileo supports Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay for Mastercard and Visa—offering you and your customers full contactless payment flexibility.

Galileo Payments Network Connectivity

You can never be too connected.

Galileo Payments Network Connectivity provides direct integration to all major payments networks, including Discover, Mastercard and Visa, as well as the major ATM and debit POS networks.

Our direct integration means you participate in the networks of your choice exactly as if you were connected directly—but without the hassle.

We do the work, so you don’t have to.

No-Hassle Tech Updates

Through our direct integration, you avoid the hassle of implementing the payments networks’ required tech updates, while also benefitting from the release of advanced features.

No Heavy Lifting

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. With Galileo Payments Network Connectivity, you get the benefits of direct network integration without undergoing the challenging certification process.


One connection to Galileo gives you access to all the payments networks you need.

Galileo Third-Party and API Integration

If we’re connected, you’re connected.

Galileo Third-Party and API Integration offers you endless opportunities to connect and do business with almost any service provider anywhere without building or maintaining separate links or gateways.

A single point of access is all you need.

No Reinventing the Wheel

You benefit from our extensive network of partners in payments and fintech, so there’s no need to reinvent the connectivity wheel.

Single Point of Access

You connect to the Galileo Platform and leave the rest of the connections to us.

Behind the Scenes

The behind-the-scenes connectivity operates seamlessly and instantly—invisible to your customers.

Galileo Relationship Management and Client Support Services

We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied.

Great client relationships lead to great results. But neither happens by accident. Each depends on close coordination and continual nurturing, provided—at Galileo—by our relationship management team.

Your relationship manager is your primary point of contact at Galileo and the conduit to our robust resources that support you in achieving your strategic objectives.

But the unexpected can happen in even the best relationships. When they do, Galileo Client Support Services take over to provide the tech support you need so you’re never left flat-footed.

Exceptional client care by design.

In-House Advocacy

Your relationship manager is your in-house representative—the internal advocate who marshals Galileo’s resources to support your objectives and keeps you up to date on significant developments.

Frequent Contact

Regular communication with your relationship manager ensures we understand what’s important to you (and your stakeholders) to stay aligned to address your needs and meet your goals.

Extended Hours Tech Help

With Galileo, you’re never operating alone. A call to Client Support Services provides the technical assistance you need.

No Problem Escalation

We doubt it will happen often—but if you ever need to take an issue to the next level, we won’t be offended. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Galileo Regulatory and Compliance

Our goal is to be your best third-party provider.

Regulatory compliance is the obligation of our clients and partners. And, it’s a big job. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted partner to assist you in meeting your regulatory compliance obligations.

Galileo takes compliance with laws and regulations, and the requirements of payments network and sponsoring banks seriously, and we consider it a key component of our business.

We have the experience to help you satisfy your compliance requirements.

Dispute Tracking

Using our internally developed Dispute Tracker, we monitor your disputes to support taking appropriate actions within required timeframes.

Clean Shop

We pay meticulous attention to our in-house obligations and undergo ongoing financial and compliance audits by independent third parties to verify our adherence to requirements.


We work closely with you to understand and support your compliance requirements.

Galileo Authorization and Settlement

Only Galileo transforms authorization and settlement into a business intelligence asset.

You shouldn’t have to think about authorization and settlement—and with Galileo, you don’t.

We’re an authorized processor for more than 20 payments networks, including Discover, Mastercard, Visa, PIN debit and ATM networks, along with Green Dot, MoneyGram and Western Union.

As an authorized processor, we integrate directly with the networks, which means authorization is fast and settlement includes robust detail on your customers’ transactions.

Authorization and settlement—fast and secure.


Access and create custom reports, at will, using our same-day settlement reporting and Galileo Advanced Analytics.

Network Integrations

Our platform is integrated with all the top payments and ATM networks, so you can add networks quickly and easily.


We authorize transactions in milliseconds, so your customers can get on with their daily activities.


Our industry-leading performance authorizes your customers’ transactions in real time, minimizing rules-based stand-in authorizations.

Galileo Mobile Technologies

Like you, we’ve seen the future, and it’s mobile.

Galileo Mobile Technologies aren’t a single solution but a framework to harness the power of the mobile channel, so you can create amazing customer experiences in all kinds of applications: like, onboarding customers, providing financial advice or making restaurant recommendations—all highly customized with support from Galileo Artificial Intelligence.

Galileo Mobile Technologies improve lives and drive commerce.

Mobile, Mobile-First or Mobile-Only

Mobile delivery isn’t only the future, it’s the present. Galileo maintains direct integrations with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay, and supports API integrations with other mobile services and providers—so you can distinguish yourself now—with a full suite of capabilities, optimized for the mobile channel.

Polished Customer Experience

The companies that will control the future of financial services will embrace mobile-based, self-service and deliver the exceptional user experiences that Galileo Mobile Technologies support.

How Creative Can You Get?

Galileo Mobile Technologies provide enabling technology that gives life to your most ambitious plans for mobile delivery.

Galileo Security

Security is our top priority.

At Galileo, security is a team effort and a team responsibility, because nothing is more important than protecting your data.

We’ve made a heavy investment in a layered approach to security, creating defenses that go beyond industry standards. And, we keep investing, because security is a constantly evolving journey. As that journey evolves, we’re continuing to create layers of protection that thwart malicious actions, keeping your data and our infrastructure safe.

Protecting your data isn’t just our job—it’s our personal commitment, and the foundation on which we’re built.

Comprehensive Security

We leave no stone unturned to deliver a comprehensive security environment.

Ongoing Investment

Because security threats change, we invest continually in upgrading and expanding our capabilities, as well as learning from the experiences of others.

Commitment to Excellence

You expect the best security protection and it’s our goal to deliver.

Galileo Disputes and Chargebacks

Our disputes and chargeback experience benefits your bottom line.

For Galileo, disputes and chargebacks are an ongoing strategic initiative because we understand the challenges you face to develop and maintain the in-house expertise, procedures and tools to handle these important and time-sensitive functions.

Our in-house team of dispute and chargeback experts is at your disposal to apply its professionalism and strict adherence to payments network and regulatory requirements to your customer-initiated disputes and/or to handle your chargebacks, making certain every dollar you’re entitled to is returned.

Consistent quality outcomes—fast.

Outsource Disputes with Confidence

We’re pros at handling disputes with professionalism and strict adherence to payments network and regulatory requirements.

Don’t Miss Out on Chargeback Dollars

Whether related to a customer dispute or a negative balance event, we pursue chargebacks to collect every dollar you’re entitled to receive back from the payments networks.

Stay in the Loop with Detailed Reporting

Our reports ensure you always know the status of your customers’ disputes and chargebacks.

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