Sponsoring the Future of Fintech Global Innovation Challenge

October 5, 2020

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World’s largest developer hackathon for fintech solutions.

Galileo is proud to sponsor CB Insights’ Future of Fintech Global Innovation Challenge, possibly the largest-ever fintech hackathon aimed at solving the financial services industry’s biggest challenges. More than 2,000 international participants--including teams and individuals--are expected to compete to solve challenges covering banking, payments, wealth management, financial inclusion and insurance.

There is no fee for developers to participate, but registration is required.

“As the API standard for card issuing and digital banking, Galileo understands the need for opportunities for great minds to work collaboratively on innovative solutions that expand the possibilities of payments is a worthy undertaking,” said Galileo CEO Clay Wilkes. “That’s why we’re proud to partner with CB Insights to sponsor the Future of Fintech Global Innovation Challenge. We’ll be cheering on the participants as they apply their insights and ingenuity to the formidable challenges of this competition.”

Participants may choose from among approximately 30 challenges, including those created by Galileo:

The Galileo Innovation Award will be given to the team that demonstrates the most innovative use of the Galileo Instant API to build digital banking functionality into their project. A project does not have to address one of the challenges issued by Galileo to be eligible for the Galileo Innovation Award; projects may address any challenge as long as Galileo Instant is incorporated. Sign up for Galileo Instant to get started and post in the #hackathon channel of our Discord server for assistance.

Galileo Instant is only available within the US. You may still compete for the Galileo Innovation Award if you are not located in the US, but you will have to set up a VPN so your API requests come from a US IP address. Projects must use Galileo Instant in the sandbox environment to be eligible; projects that use the production environment won't be considered.

1. Gamify Digital Banking

2. Financial Services with a Conscience

3. Embedded Finance

4. Financial Services for the Gig Economy

Five finalists will be selected by a panel of judges, including Wilkes and Galileo CTO Jeff Currier, to present “on stage” on November 17. Prizes will be awarded for the best overall project and best use of the Galileo API--either to solve a Galileo-created challenge or a challenge submitted by another organization.

Starting today, organizations are invited to submit financial services challenges to be considered for inclusion in the challenges participants choose to solve.

For more information, click here.

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