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Spin up your own debit card for payouts.

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Galileo Instant offers a fast and simple way for businesses—including non-fintechs, gig economy companies and startups—to create branded debit cards to deliver payouts digitally–to 1099 workers, independent contractors, wage earners and for reimbursements.*

We’ve removed the complexity of card issuing by streamlining the process–baking in key requirements, including the payment network; sponsor bank; card design, manufacture and fulfillment; and other third party support you’d otherwise need to engage on your own.

Instant is the perfect choice for marketplace and ecommerce companies simplifying their purchasing experience, streaming and content-creation platforms paying creators, gig economy and contractor businesses paying workers as well as startups and fintechs that need to demonstrate a live card product.

Click here to learn more about Instant—including our simple, pay-as-you-go pricing. Or visit the Instant Dashboard to start creating your debit cards—right now.

Galileo does that!

*Cards issued and banking services provided by The Bancorp Bank, Member FDIC.

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