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Add Contactless Functionality to Your Cards

Galileo’s contactless payment options expand the appeal and functionality of your debit, credit and prepaid card programs.

Physical cards will be the #1 electronic payment form factor for years to come. But there’s no denying the surge in demand for contactless variations on card payments, using physical cards and other form factors.

The surge is influenced by consumer concerns driven by COVID-19 (If you don’t have to touch something when you’re out in public—a payment terminal or, possibly, a checkout clerk’s hand—you don’t.) and the ubiquity of mobile phones—enabling consumers everywhere to access their money using the device that’s become the centerpiece of their daily life.

This confluence of events means opportunities for you!

Adding contactless options

You could—for example—add a contactless option (NFC or QR codes) to your physical cards, enable push provisioning to mobile wallets or offer P2P and A2A payments for consumers and businesses. Contactless payments use cases are limitless!

Galileo Supports Your Entry into Contactless Payments

• QR codes 

• Contactless (NFC) cards 

• Mobile wallets—including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

• Wearables 

• Commercial and consumer A2A and P2P payments  

• Virtual cards

Where do you want to take your card programs?

Adding contactless functionality to your card programs can help you achieve goals, like these:

Respond to consumer demand for in-store payments: According to the Visa Back to Business Study (Aug. 4, 2020), about 46% of consumers believe using contactless payment methods is among the most important [in-store] safety measures.  

Give new customers access to their account upon approval: Don’t make your customers wait for their physical card before they start transacting with their new digital banking accounts. 

Expand geographic reach and new markets: Contactless functionality can enable you to enter markets without significant POS terminal penetration and expand acceptance to reach new markets.

Ready to take your card program to the next level?

There are lots of ways to start realizing the benefits of adding contactless options to your card programs. So, let’s talk about what you need and how Galileo can help get you there. Contact us!

Contactless Payments: Galileo does that!


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