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Better Payment Solutions for the Gig Economy

Sarah Grotta of Mercator Advisory Group talks to Galileo’s Cole Wilkes on driving gig economy innovations with debit cards and digital banking platforms.

The gig economy is booming, driven by a host of factors and accelerated on many fronts by COVID-19. Income from part-time and 1099 work is increasingly important to sustain individuals and families, and to supplement incomes.

This is why better payment solutions are so important to the gig economy. Options that make gig workers wait weeks or even months to be paid are obsolete and disadvantage people who rely on this income.

In this Mercator Advisory Group podcast, Sarah Grotta, director, Debit Advisory Service, leads Cole Wilkes, general manager of Galileo Instant, in an exploration of alternatives to checks—and even ACH transfers—to speed payments to gig workers using debit cards and the Galileo Instant digital banking solution.

Galileo Instant is a white-label debit card program that enables many types of businesses to create their own debit cards and pay gig workers quickly and without high overhead.

Click here to listen to the lively podcast focused on digital banking solutions for the gig economy. Or read the Mercator Advisory Group’s article here.


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