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Wherever you want to go in fintech and payments, Galileo Solutions can take you there.

Solutions for everything you want to accomplish in fintech and payments.

Our sophisticated solution suite is flexible and customizable. And, every solution is fully integrated into the Galileo Processing Platform, which delivers big benefits for you and your customers.

For you, full integration means no silos between our solutions, so you operate at the peak levels of speed and efficiency. And, when you add a solution, your staff is up to speed immediately because all the tools and processes they’re accustomed to are the same: no new authorization and settlement stream or dispute and chargeback processes—for example.

For your customers, full integration delivers a great user experience: seamless transitions between services with single sign-on, the same branding, look and feel for all your services and, of course, speed and reliability. 

Our solutions deliver your success.

All Galileo Solutions

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