Galileo’s Open APIs connect you to the most sophisticated capabilities in fintech and payments.

Galileo Temporary Card Freeze

Everyones done it—cancelled a misplaced card, only to find it a few hours later. But once done, a cancelled card can’t be undone. So, your…
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Galileo Early Pay

With Galileo Early Pay, your direct deposit customers can access their pay when their employers deposit funds into their accounts—typically, up to two days before…
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Roundup Funding

Galileo Roundup Funding Makes Spare Change Count The “spare change” left over from purchases sweeps automatically into your customers’ linked savings or investment account. Kickstart…
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Galileo Real-Time Funding

Stop tying up your working capital by funding your employees’ expense cards in advance. With Galileo Real-Time Funding, your employees’ (or other third parties’) cards…
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