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How Opportunities to Grow Make Galileo An Exciting Place to Work

22 de junho de 2022

Photo of Rigo Perez Vicencio

Meet Rigo Perez Vicencio – dog dad, twin, avid hiker, and a Chargeback and Disputes Supervisor at Galileo Financial Technologies. Rigo has been with the company since January 2019, and today he’s sharing what he does in his role, why he loves working at Galileo, and his excitement about where the company is going.

But first, we want to get to know you! Can you share 3 facts that others may not know about you – other than what we’ve already revealed.


  • I am the first person in my family to attend college

  • I am a big Survivor fan

  • I know three languages  (English, Spanish, American Sign Language)

And please Rigo, give the people what they want; we have to get a photo of your dogs!

Rigo: I have two Goldendoodles named Bernie and Ollie.


Photo of Rigo's dogs.


How did you get into (or fall into!?) the field of fraud resolution?

Rigo: Before my time at Galileo, I worked at a leasing finance company as a Fraud Resolution Analyst. But I was eager to join a fintech company. My twin sister had joined the company a few months prior to my arrival and she recommended I look into the Chargeback and Disputes analyst role and I did. The rest is history!

You were originally hired as a Chargeback and Disputes Agent, but have since moved into a supervisory role. How did this opportunity come about?

Rigo: I have always loved being in roles where I can help people grow. Before I moved into a supervisor role, I was the trainer for all of the new hires joining the Chargebacks and Disputes team. I enjoyed this leadership role, so decided to apply for the Chargeback and Disputes Supervisor role when it opened up. I wanted to assist in the development and growth of agents entering the disputes world because disputes can be a difficult learning curve for some who have no prior history with chargeback or disputes rules.

Tell us more about what your team does at Galileo.

Rigo: As a Chargebacks and Disputes Supervisor, I spend my day on various projects, such as supporting the team and our clients by responding to client and analyst inquiries. I also identify and recommend appropriate remediation action for errors that may have occurred by providing feedback and coaching to our analysts. Disputes can be a very intricate process because of all the regulations that need to be closely followed, so it’s important that we abide by those regulations.

From a manager perspective, what makes someone successful at Galileo?

Rigo: An individual will be successful at Galileo if they have a willingness to learn. Being open to new ideas and ways to approach your goals can be a great help. Trying new things can create more opportunities for success for yourself and for the company.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Galileo?

Rigo: My favorite thing about Galileo is the culture and opportunity for growth. Galileo has continued to grow and I think that is a reflection of how the company truly cares. My long-term goal is to move into a People Operations (which falls within Human Resources) role and I am confident that my Galileo family will support me in that transition. That’s why I want to continue to be a part of an amazing company.

What excites you most about where Galileo is going?

Rigo: I am excited to contribute to an organization that has – and will continue to – revolutionize banking and financial services as we know it. Galileo’s platform for powering global fintechs is outstanding and I’m super-proud of how far Galileo has come and where we are going.

Readers – you learn more about our fintech predictions for 2022 here. And consider applying for a career at Galileo; we’re hiring!

The individual featured is a Galileo employee. Their personal experiences, obviously, do not take into account your own specific objectives, financial situation, and needs. Results will vary.

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Photo of Rigo Perez Vicencio
22 de junho de 2022

How Opportunities to Grow Make Galileo An Exciting Place to Work

Meet Rigo Perez Vicencio – dog dad, twin, avid hiker, and a Chargeback and Disputes Supervisor at Galileo Financial Technologies.

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