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Galileo Delivers Differentiated Customer Experiences to Support Financial Health and Wellness in Digital Banking

13 de junho de 2022

MIAMI,  June 13, 2022 – Technisys, the company behind Cyberbank – the cloud-native, next-gen digital banking platform – continues to redefine the customer experience with its latest release of Cyberbank Digital. The solution signifies the next evolution for digital innovation, enabling financial institutions to define customer journeys according to customer needs, access built-in conversational AI to supercharge engagement, enable simplified system integration and accelerate speed to market – all while lowering costs to serve.

As financial institutions are faced with increasing customer demands, escalating costs to maintain traditional systems, and growing competition, Cyberbank Digital offers a powerful, customer-centric digital banking platform that addresses these challenges.

Customers expect their primary financial institution to anticipate and solve for all of their financial needs. With consumer credit card balances rising to $800 billion in the third quarter of 2021, and approximately 42.9 million Americans each owing an average $37,105 for their federal loans, financial institutions are uniquely positioned to not only provide tailored financial products that support savings, investing and easier access to credit, but also provide complimentary practical educational services. 

“Even with access to a vast amount of data, it’s often challenging for traditional financial institutions to make sense of all the information available and then tailor financial offerings so that customers can optimize their financial returns,” said Mike Santos, CEO of Technisys. “Despite ready access to information sources, consumers continue to need financial advice and guidance. With this in mind, Cyberbank Digital empowers firms to support customers – across all age groups – by reimagining the banking experience with tailored financial products and financial wellness education.”

Smarter Digital Banking Platform Delivered with Cyberbank Digital.

As financial services companies are taking note of the importance of financial literacy and the link it serves to the overall health for every customer, Cyberbank Digital offers five key value propositions that benefit financial institutions and their respective customers:

  • Redefine the customer experience with structural flexibility

    . Create and deliver tailored customer journeys, dynamically, across all devices and conversational channels. Access feature-rich capabilities that span the management of accounts, transactions, payments, bill pay, contacts and more. 

  • Deliver built in conversational AI with novel, customer-centric journeys from one proven platform

    . Guide customers to make the right choices with personalized offerings that help them meet their specific financial goals. Use an AI-powered engine that recognizes voice and text, understands intent, deciphers different languages and knows when to provide AI or human-based support for every customer engagement.

  • Adjust customer journeys, in real time, and accelerate time to market

    . Configure, re-configure and extend financial products and services in minutes (not months). Access an API-centric, microservices model that supports seamless integration to back office, channels and third-party apps and services.

  • Tap into uninterrupted upgradeability

    . Change any business rule, process, or product definition without interruption to day-to-day operations. Access a fully automated deployment process, including automated security and code tests. Financial institutions control the customer journey, not legacy vendors who use closed and proprietary frameworks that require specialists to make system changes that take months to implement.

  • Minimize complexity with modularity

    . Extend system capabilities with ease by integrating into new platforms, systems and partners via APIs. Scale the digital banking platform with granular control, increasing resource efficiency and ensuring meaningful customer experiences. 

ABOUT Technisys

Technisys is a leading next-gen digital and core banking platform that redefines the customer experience. As a best-in-class technology platform, Technisys uniquely delivers differentiation in two key ways. By empowering financial institutions to dynamically create tailored financial products at the speed of commerce, and enabling them to offer meaningful recommendations to customers at point of need. How are we different? We use data-driven insights and integrate them with our unique technology that enables structural flexibility. A flexibility that allows financial institutions to create and tailor any financial product – in real time – to deliver a seamless digital experience at every customer touchpoint whether online, on the phone, or at a branch. Giving banks and fintechs the agility to tailor offerings that become integral to a customer’s lifestyle in new and profound ways, down to the segment of one.

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