Jumpstart Payment Fraud Prevention

October 24 | 10:00 AM PT | Yardbird, Las Vegas

When it comes to fraud, it’s a jungle out there. As payments fraudsters continue to perpetrate new schemes at scale and faster than most organizations can keep up with, fraudulent payment card transactions are forecast to reach $38.5 billion in volume by 2027.

The costs of such fraud are piling up for businesses, including the often-overlooked impact of lost time and productivity, as well as damaged reputations and customer relationships. It all adds up to nearly $30 billion a year in business impact stemming from payments fraud.

To protect against this ever-evolving fraud threat, businesses must meet the challenge head-on, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to analyze transaction data, as well as tapping insights from experts who know how to interpret fraud trends in real-time.

To learn how to safely navigate today’s fraud-rife environment, join this panel discussion for actionable tips and tools to ensure your defenses are up to the task of mitigating fraud risks, so you can focus on what’s most valuable: serving your customers and growing your business.

In the meantime, check out our resource, The Anti-Fraud Playbook to learn more about how to reduce fraud losses and minimize evolving payment risks.