Tearsheet Studios Presents Card Launch 101

October 24 | 2:30 PM PT | Yardbird, Las Vegas

A payment card is a cornerstone element of many types of personal financial services tools and platforms. But despite the core role cards play for such offerings, how to actually launch and manage a card program remains a bit of a mystery for many fintechs and entrepreneurs.

In this session, we’ll dispel that uncertainty, walk you through all aspects of launching and managing a card, from understanding key partners and their roles, to designing a plan for long-term program success. To help light the way, we’ll delve into our Card 101 Guide by Tearsheet Studios for actionable insights on creating a differentiated card product that customers love, with robust functionality that helps create better experiences, enhances usage and drives meaningful revenue for your top line.

So whether you’re a newer market entrant launching your first card product, or an incumbent who wants to brush up on the latest market developments, you’ll find plenty of valuable information in our deep-dive exploration of card programs.