Premium Services

Your programs soar with Galileo Premium Services, including advanced analytics, AI-based fraud protection and more. 

Galileo Program Management

If you’re new to fintech or payments, Galileo Program Management can help you get up and running fast, avoiding pitfalls that cost time and money.

And, once you’re operating live, we provide ongoing support to keep you achieving your goals. 

We have tons of experience, a vast network of integrated partners and deep relationships, and we’re happy to share them all to accelerate your success.

Put our experience to work for you. 

Make our experienced program management staff part of your team.

Galileo Customer Service and IVR

Galileo Customer Service and IVR stand in your place to assist your customers, offering the same high level of service and responsiveness you’d provide if you were handling the call yourself. And, our Customer Service and IVR options are flexible. Combine our IVR with live customer service from onshore or offshore call centers. Or, use your in-house call center or a third party of your choice, because we work with all the top providers.

Our goal is to enhance your customer relationships with every interaction—automated or live—we handle on your behalf. 

Satisfaction with every interaction.

Customer care you can count on—every time.

Galileo Fraud Protection

Galileo Fraud Protection defends your fintech and payments programs from card-present and card-not-present fraud by combining reactive and proactive tools to stamp out payments fraud and drive your success.

Galileo clients using Fraud Protection experience fraud losses of approximately one basis point, on average. That’s 55 percent lower than the industry average, which translates into a bottom-line difference of nearly $300 per $1 million transaction value.

At your option, you can add artificial intelligence coverage to Galileo Fraud Protection. Galileo Fraud Protection with AI is fintech’s most accurate artificial intelligence for fraud, unleashing the power of machine learning on the massive amounts of transaction data we handle to detect previously undetectable fraud patterns and drive fraud losses even lower. 

Get on top of fraud with industry-leading protection.

Game changing fraud detection, with accuracy, precision and speed.

Galileo Advanced Analytics

With web-based access to our full data warehouse, you can generate unlimited custom reports from your enterprise- or customer-generated activity in just seconds. Or, for routine needs, choose from our nearly 400 pre-designed reports. Your data is available anytime from web-connected devices, so you can share business intelligence across your enterprise to accelerate your growth and success. 

Transform your data into business intelligence.

The answers you need are in your data.

Galileo Card Production Link

Galileo Card Production Link takes the anxiety out of card issuance. Our connections to a dozen card manufacturers and personalizers—most of which are Discover-, Mastercard- and/or Visa-certified—mean you have choices. And, we can support you in selecting the card provider that best fits your requirements. Or, if you have an existing card provider relationship, chances are we have a relationship, too, and can make your transition seamless.

No hassle card production.

Our Card Production Partners

Beautiful Card Corp
CPI Canada
CPI Colorado

CPI Nashville
CPI Minnesota

Perfect Plastic

If you’re working with a card provider not currently on our list, let us know. We’re happy to launch discussions with the goal of connecting to that provider.

Your card is the symbol of your customer relationship. Make it a good one.

Galileo Roundup Funding

Galileo Roundup Funding takes the procrastination out of saving or investing more by automatically rounding up purchases to the next dollar each time your customers make a purchase. The “spare change” left over from purchases sweeps automatically into your customers’ linked savings or investment account.

Help customers save and invest more.

Galileo Roundup Funding makes spare change count.

Galileo One-Click Push Provisioning for Mobile Wallets

Customers don’t want to jump through hoops to use their Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay mobile wallets. And, they don’t like to wait.

They expect a fast and seamless process that enables them to instantly “provision” their mobile wallet of choice, so they can pay when, where and how they want. And, with Galileo Push Provisioning for Mobile Wallets, that’s the UX you can deliver.

With a single click, your customers—whether you’ve just approved their application or they’ve been with you for years—can enjoy the convenience of paying with their mobile wallets at all merchants that accept contactless payments.

Instantly enable Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

It’s all about the UX and your success!

Galileo Digital First Card Issuing​

If there’s a lag between approving new customers and when they can start using their payments cards, you’re missing a major opportunity.

Galileo Digital First Card Issuing solves this timing challenge by making it easy for you to enable your new customers to use their “card” via their Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay mobile wallet—from the moment you approve their funded account.

Your customers get all the benefits of immediate push provisioning to their mobile wallet of choice, and you avoid the hassle and risk of tracking two sets of transactions and two PANs.

Go digital first with Galileo!

Eliminate the awkward and costly time gaps in your card issuance program with Galileo Digital First Issuing.​

Galileo ACH Processing

Galileo handles ACH transactions with reliability and scalability—whether you look to us to handle your ACH volume as part of a comprehensive relationship or as a standalone service.

We process at volume, so you can count on us and trust our experience.

Plus, we support full federal benefits enrollment and we’re integrated with 16 banks, so you can choose the bank that best aligns with your program goals.

Reliability and scalability for your ACH transactions.

Galileo Early Pay

With Galileo Early Pay, your direct deposit customers can access their pay when their employers deposit funds into their accounts—typically, up to two days before an employee’s scheduled pay day.

Early access to their pay can make a world of difference to young people just starting out, those living on a tight budget and even affluent customers who want to maximize their saving and investment returns by having early access to their pay.

Help your customers access their pay up to two days early with Galileo Early Pay!