Galileo Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing the power of machine learning to combat fraud.

Galileo Artificial Intelligence

Galileo is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to identify and block fraudulent transactions that decrease the profitability and tarnish the reputation of our clients’ fintech and payments programs.

Developed in-house by our resident team of data scientists, Galileo Fraud Protection with AI is fintech’s most accurate fraud-focused artificial intelligence application. It unleashes the power of machine learning on the massive amounts of transaction data we handle.

With Galileo Fraud Protection with AI, we’re able to detect previously undetectable fraud patterns and continually improve our performance as our supporting algorithms continue to self-improve.

And, that means lower fraud losses and fewer false positives for you. 

Galileo artificial intelligence powers the industry’s most effective AI-based fraud protection.

Our AI fraud protection stands alone or works in combination with our rules-based Galileo Fraud Protection.

As a Galileo client, you can choose AI as a standalone fraud loss deterrent. Or, you can combine our AI fraud-deterrent capabilities with Galileo Fraud Protection, a robust, rules-based fraud detection system that injects specific transaction rules for specific fraud patterns or events. 

The AI result becomes an additional data point that Galileo Fraud Protection uses to detect fraud and raise confidence in resulting actions.

Alone or in combination with Galileo Fraud Protection, AI remembers developing fraud patterns and applies its learnings to block future transactions exhibiting those patterns—all for your benefit.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

Fraud Losses Below Industry Averages

Clients using Galileo Fraud Protection with AI experience fraud losses, on average, of less than one basis point.

Fewer False Positives

In addition to reducing fraud losses, Galileo Fraud Protection with AI significantly reduces false positives to protect your customers’ user experiences and your reputation.

Continually Better Results

Galileo’s Fraud Protection with AI works 24/7 and continually self-improves its algorithms to get “smarter” at detecting emerging fraud patterns.

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