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Galileo Financial Technologies Partners with Plata Card to Support Credit Card Payments

June 13, 2023

Mexico City, 13 June 2023 - Galileo Financial Technologies, LLC, a leading independent financial technology company owned and operated by SoFi Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFI), announced a new partnership with Plata in Mexico to process payments and support their transactions. Plata Card is the newest credit card in the Mexican market, offering advanced technology and security, rewarding customers with up to 5% cashback on their chosen purchases, and providing a payment period of up to 60 days.

Galileo now supports Plata Card in transaction and payment processing with the highest level of innovation, using modern and open APIs. Galileo provides Plata with a flexible, secure, scalable, and fully integrated platform that helps Plata Card operate efficiently and secure transactions.

The Plata Card sets a new standard for financial tools, turning every interaction into a seamless experience. Card users will benefit from Plata's extensive innovation, which brings a deep understanding of user needs to the design and benefits of the Plata Card. This card is not just a product but a testament to the team's commitment to improving financial inclusion and ease of use...
Tory Jackson
Director of Strategy and Business Development at Galileo Latin America

The alliance between Galileo and Plata offers customers a combination of simplicity, convenience, and innovation when it comes to making transactions, managing finances, or seeking customer support.

Mexican consumers are open and eager to adopt financial innovations, and speed to market is a key component of success in maintaining a healthy portfolio of products. However, often innovation is stalled or delayed in the development process, which is why Neri Tollardo, CEO of Plata, and his team opted for a collaborative approach with Galileo. Tollardo states that while the company and product are new to the market, he and his team are intimately familiar with the challenges associated with launching such an ambitious project like Plata.

Choosing the right technology partner was a fundamental pillar of our launch plan, and we can definitely affirm that we made the right decision with Galileo.
Neri Tollardo
CEO of Plata

With the launch of this new card, Plata Card is redefining how Mexicans interact with money and laying the foundation for a more inclusive and prosperous future.

"With the launch of this new card, Plata Card is reshaping the way Mexicans interact with money and laying the foundation for a more inclusive and prosperous future. Based on our extensive industry experience and after evaluating providers in the market, it was a clear decision to work with Galileo as our technology partner," added Tollardo.

"Technology is key to achieving innovation," said Jackson, "but we should never underestimate the value of fostering trust and collaboration among partners to achieve our joint goals of bringing cutting-edge solutions to the Latin American market."

About Galileo Financial Technologies Galileo Financial Technologies, LLC is an independent financial technology company owned and operated by SoFi Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFI), enabling fintechs, financial institutions, and emerging and established brands to create differentiated financial solutions that provide exceptional customer-centered experiences. Through modern and open APIs, Galileo's flexible, secure, scalable, and fully integrated platform drives innovation in payments and financial services. Trusted by digital banking heavyweights, early-stage innovators, and enterprise clients, Galileo supports the issuance of physical and virtual payment cards, mobile provisioning, custom and differentiated financial products, and more, across all industries and geographies.

About Plata Plata is a high-tech financial platform that will redefine how people interact with money, making it easy and reliable. We provide access to premium financial products and best-in-class customer support, regardless of the customer's transaction

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