Galileo Joins Mastercard's Expanded Engage Platform

March 8, 2021

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Galileo is a proud participant in Mastercard's Engage platform, offering easy access to a growing network of qualified technology and fintech providers that can quickly deploy Mastercard Digital First solutions to enable entirely digital payment experiences for consumers.

“The expansion of Mastercard Engage is happening at a critical time when financial institutions and  digital players are seeking to fulfill consumer demand for digital experiences but may not have all of  the in-house capabilities to do so,” said Andrea Scerch, President, Consumer Products for Issuers.  “Instead of merely supporting physical cards with digital experiences, we are powering consumer choice by building a robust network of qualified enablers that can help our customers quickly launch  digital products from the ground up.”

Galileo CEO Clay Wilkes added: “Today’s consumers expect frictionless digital payments experiences, and Galileo is meeting this demand by making it easy for their financial services providers to be digital-first and even digital-only with great features like push provisioning to mobile wallets, virtual cards and more.  As a partner on the Mastercard Engage platform, we’re providing  businesses with digital payment capabilities they can build on to heighten their customers' payments  convenience, access and security.”

What enables Galileo to offer the Digital First advantage? It’s all about our powerful APIs and enterprise-grade back office, so you can focus on developing innovative financial services solutions and great CX!

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