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A Message from Tory Jackson, Galileo’s In-Country Manager for Mexico

March 3, 2020

It is with great pleasure that I announce the opening of Galileo Financial Technologies’ offices in Mexico City!

During the past year, I have met with hundreds of amazing individuals in Mexico who are committed to expanding payment opportunities by leveraging the new regulatory environment that makes it possible for every Mexican to have access to safe, secure electronic banking services. Now, with a physical presence in Mexico, Galileo is poised to be the business partner that brings together the opportunities brought by recent fintech regulation with world-class financial services technology.

In the weeks and months to come, you’ll hear more about what Galileo has accomplished already in Mexico, including the names of businesses that have done us the honor of becoming our clients, and more specific plans about rolling out services to facilitate the work of local and international partners to create new products and offer innovative financial solutions to everyone.

On a personal note, I’m happy to return to Mexico as my home. When I last lived in Mexico, I was in my early twenties. Now, I am married with two young sons, and I am delighted that my family will experience the warmth, hospitality and energy of the Mexican people.

Working together, I know we can offer electronic payment alternatives that are safer than cash to support Mexicans from all walks of life who want to know their money is secure and they can spend it where and when they like.

For more on Galileo, click here, or contact me directly at mexico@thinkgalileo.co.

Tory Jackson Mexico In-Country Manager Galileo Financial Technologies

March 4, 2024

Galileo Expands Collaboration with The Bancorp to Offer Real-Time Payments via The Clearing House

Galileo and The Bancorp integration supports the seamless implementation of instant payments.

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February 1, 2024

Client Expansion, New Product Adoption Drives Q4 Growth

SoFi’s technology platform, which comprises Galileo Financial Technologies and the Technisys cloud-based core banking services platform, saw increases in net revenue and total enabled accounts during the fourth quarter of 2023.

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November 8, 2023

Product Uptake and Interest from FIs Powers Strong Q3

SoFi’s technology platform, which comprises Galileo Financial Technologies and the Technisys cloud-based core banking services platform, saw net revenue and total enabled accounts maintain growth during the third quarter of 2023.

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October 19, 2023

Galileo Payment Risk Platform Now Available to the Entire Financial Services Ecosystem

Companies outside of Galileo’s ecosystem can now leverage the proactive risk-scoring fraud engine and reduce payment and payment-related fraud.

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October 17, 2023

Introducing Corporate Credit for B2B Expense Management

Galileo Corporate Credit solution consolidates credit limits to deliver better spend visibility, and remove accounting complexities.

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