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The FI’s Guide to Achieving Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) ROI

How today’s financial leaders are betting on BaaS

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) represents a $7 trillion market opportunity and is quickly becoming mainstream. Despite its potential to capture new audiences and uncover new revenue streams, FI leaders remain split on how to implement a BaaS framework that delivers ROI. 

A recent study from Galileo and American Banker explores if, how and why or why not bank and credit union leaders are prioritizing BaaS.

The research uncovers how FIs are investing in BaaS and which FIs are already seeing results, as well as perspectives on: 

  • Where BaaS fits on the strategic priority list  

  • Why some FIs are putting BaaS on the back burner

  • Top reasons FIs are investing in BaaS

Download the playbook to learn how BaaS:

  • Is a model for FI revenue growth 

  • Helps FIs remain competitive in the market

  • Reaches new customers in more industries