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New Juniper Research: Most U.S. B2B Businesses Offer Embedded Finance

New Research

Embedded finance is already part of your life. From paying for a ride share service in-app or grabbing a coffee with your phone, embedded finance is behind that experience.

Consumer applications for embedded finance for use cases like these have exploded in recent years, and new research shows businesses are fast to follow. It’s why embedded finance is estimated to be a $7.2 trillion market by 2030.

A new study from Juniper Research, conducted in collaboration with Galileo Financial Technologies, finds that 63% of U.S. B2B businesses offer some form of embedded finance solution. More indicate they’ll be fast to follow.

Why? Businesses see how embedded finance impacts their core KPIs and how it paves an accelerated path to scaling in new markets and with new audiences.

Download our new research to uncover:

  • Why businesses are gravitating toward embedded finance

  • The newest use cases for B2B embedded finance

  • How embedded finance can boost revenue

  • Which pain points embedded finance can help solve

  • How the B2B embedded finance market is catching up with B2C offerings