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Galileo Early Pay

With nearly 75 percent of households experiencing a COVID-19-related reduction in income, getting early access to pay is more important than ever—to pay bills, buy groceries and cover medical expenses.  

With Galileo Early Pay, your direct deposit customers can access their pay when their employers deposit funds into their accounts—typically, up to two days before an employee’s scheduled pay day.

Your customers benefit and you do too, because Galileo Early Pay supports you to:

Increase Direct Deposit Accounts
To get the benefit of Galileo Early Pay, your customers must enroll in direct deposit, helping you build your direct deposit base—a major factor in account profitability.

Encourage Sticky Relationships
Enabling customers to access their money earlier is a benefit that encourages long-term, sticky relationships—another factor in account profitability.

Help Customers When They Need It Most
For some customers Galileo Early Pay can mean the difference between paying bills on time with their own money and taking out payday loans or overdrawing their accounts.

Delight Customers
Customers who get the helping hand of Galileo Early Pay (or just like to have their pay in their hands) are happy customers, who are more likely to recommend you to friends and family.

Early Pay: Galileo does that!

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