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Be Your Own Card Program Manager with Galileo

You Can Do It with Galileo Pro​

At Galileo, we recognize that in payments one size doesn’t fit all. As a creative entrepreneur, you need a payment processing platform that offers flexibility to bring your innovative fintech visions to market.

And that means you need Galileo Pro, Galileo’s solution for fintechs that want to achieve the benefits of acting as their own card program manager, including:

Revenue. As your own card program manager, you maximize the benefit of the interchange revenue your customers generate when they use your payment card or digital banking solution. As your program grows, interchange can provide a major revenue stream—with Galileo Pro returning 100 percent of your debit card and prepaid card interchange revenue to you.

Maximum control. Being your own card program manager gives you maximum control over your payments program—whether you’re issuing debit cards, prepaid cards, credit cards or virtual cards; starting a challenger bank or neobank; building a banking app; or creating a digital payment solutions.

You can choose the exact partners (i.e., sponsoring bank, payment network and card manufacturer/personalizer) that best suit your payment processing requirements and directly negotiate fees and other arrangements with your chosen partners.

Incredible flexibility. The key to successful new card issuing and digital banking solutions is differentiation—solving your target audience’s pain points better than any other provider. As your own card program manager, you have incredible flexibility to build the exact program you want, with features and functionality targeted to your specific audience.

When you choose Galileo’s powerful payments processing platform, you preserve your option to be your own card program manager—now or in the future—because we’ve architected for flexibility, reliability and scalability. You can take on program manager responsibilities right from the start, or—as a Galileo Pro client—we can provide program management services on your behalf. Or, choose Galileo Instant for a turnkey, fully program managed solution.

We’re happy to work through your options with you and help you reach the right decision for your organization.

Be your own card program manager. You can do it with Galileo ProContact us!


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