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Bringing the Backend to Front of the Fintech Conversation

For all of the amazing user experiences and innovative businesses that our local fintechs have brought to market in recent years, it is difficult to escape the underlying truth that many of them depend on enablers that were simply not built for the kinds of new digital use cases and rapid change required for sustainable success.

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The Case for Being Your Own Card Program Manager

At Galileo, we’ve long recognized that in payments one size doesn’t fit all. The creative entrepreneurs driving the payments industry forward require payment processing platforms that provide the flexibility and options to bring their most innovative visions to market.

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4 Tips for Creating a Developer-First Product

Today, everything revolves around software, especially in financial services, the industry in which Galileo participates. We don’t create an actual physical product. We enable fintechs and other businesses to move money using our APIs, which are our product.

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Introducing Galileo Instant

At Galileo, we’ve been paying close attention to the trend of different kinds of non-financial businesses creating their own digital banking programs.

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Behind the Fintech Scenes with SoFi CEO Anthony Noto and Galileo CEO Clay Wilkes

In this Wharton Fintech exclusive, Wharton MBA candidate Miguel Armaza and recent MBA graduate Guillermo Gonzalez went behind the scenes with SoFi’s Anthony Noto and Galileo’s Clay Wilkes to explore what the Wharton team describes as “one of the most transformational acquisitions in the fintech space to date”—the recent transaction in which SoFi acquired Galileo for the total sum of $1.2 billion.

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How to Create a Developer-First Product

Companies that don’t prioritize developers’ needs are falling behind. As more developers are tasked with vetting and selecting SaaS providers, organizations need to reciprocate with attention and support at every level.

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Powering 95% of U.S. Digital Banking with Galileo

Last month, Rebank’s Will Beeson sat down with Galileo CEO Clay Wilkes to record a podcast covering a wide range of topics, most notably a recent infographic published by the research firm Apptopia, showing that Galileo holds a 95 percent market share among the largest challenger banks in the U.S.

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Boosting the Financial Services Ecosystem in Mexico

During Fintech Finance’s Paytech Show, filmed in Mexico City earlier this year, Belvo’s Jorge Madrigal commented on the role of fintech enablers in boosting the financial services ecosystem in Mexico and the opportunity to expand financial inclusion.

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SoFi and Galileo: Fueling the Digital Future

The closing today of our transaction with SoFi is a milestone not just for our two companies but for what it says about the transition from physical to digital finance: The future of finance is digital. Together with SoFi, we’re fueling that digital future.

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Cryptocurrency Goes Beyond Bitcoin

Syscoin creator and core developer shares the cryptocurrency framework Syscoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency built from the bitcoin core protocol, but offers additional value-added services.

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