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November 12, 2021

What is financial services enablement and how can banks and fintech benefit?
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Fintech Americas’ 2021 conference examined the human elements that serve as the core for digital transformation in banking, encouraging discussion around how an understanding of user needs will ultimately shape the future of the banking industry. Leaders from over 20 countries gathered for the occasion, discussing how companies can align their teams to achieve transformation that aligns with today’s user needs.

Our team was excited to be invited to host a roundtable as a part of the event’s lineup. Galileo’s Head of Business Development & Strategy Latin America Tory Jackson and Strategic Partnerships Lead Zac Thomas discussed the vital role enablement partners play in transforming today’s financial ecosystem.

Here are top takeaways, followed by a recording of the full conversation below.

What is financial services enablement and how can banks and fintech benefit?

Partnering with an enabler empowers financial services providers with increased access to payment solutions, in many regions, without overhauling existing legacy systems or building out new solutions. Partnerships can accelerate growth cycles and bring products to market faster, or scale into new geographies with far less effort.

“By working with the right enablement partner, banks and their end-users benefit through enhanced user experiences and an enhanced back office. When we power clients' card programs, we’re freeing them from the time, cost and complexity of establishing their own payments back-office operations. This is so they can focus on creating great customer-facing products, and delivering outstanding value,” Jackson shared.

Galileo is uniquely positioned to serve Latin America because of its deep understanding of local nuances, extensive experience and feature functionality.

The roundtable discussion also covered how enablement partners can serve incumbents looking to start with incremental change and suggested characteristics to look for in an ideal partner.

The right collaborator improves a fintech’s operations by keeping them relevant, competitive, and flexible – and ultimately, partners are essential for those who wish to gain an edge within a constantly evolving market.

Tune into the full conversation below.

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