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How the Redesigned Galileo Website Benefits All Stakeholders

October 27, 2022

A Q&A With Scott Henderson, Digital Marketing Manager

Keeping a website current and relevant is a top priority for every company. While attracting new business prospects and maintaining current clients are of utmost importance, those are not the only benefits to refreshing a company site. Scott Henderson, Digital Marketing Manager for Galileo, explained the goals behind the new site design, and the UX experience stakeholders can now expect.

Check out Galileo's new website in this video:

What were your priorities in redesigning Galileo’s site?

Our team had three essential points that we wanted to communicate with the redesign:

1. Galileo is the best-kept secret in fintech.

We wanted to increase awareness and communicate Derek White’s (CEO of Galileo) vision for the company. Galileo is more than just a three API provider; we are a human-centric technology business.

The financial technology platform, solutions, products, services and team that Galileo has built over the years is truly remarkable. Entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators in the fintech space have created incredible businesses by partnering with us. So, the story we wanted to communicate is how founders can bring us their creative ideas and we’ll help make them a reality. We wanted to convey that message through our website design and branding.

2. We want buyers to be able to find information they need quickly and efficiently.

As Galileo grows and evolves, we want our buyers and additional stakeholders to be able to learn about relevant updates and offerings in a timely manner.

While Galileo has grown primarily through word of mouth and referrals, and has done well with client retention, we want to expand into new verticals and geographies. So, we need to be able to drive new high-quality leads through our website - and we do that by making the site as buyer-centric as possible.

3. Our goal was to create a modern, engaging, updated look and feel for the site.

If a website doesn’t look great, you lose the trust of prospects and site visitors learning about your company. And when you’ve invested as much as Galileo has in building out a platform, acquiring top talent and serving clients, you don’t want to lose a prospect after all of that investment due to an outdated website design.

Overall, we want to show clients and prospects that we understand and empathize with their problems and challenges. Our six Solutions pages discuss pain points, offer choices, and give examples of clients who have gone on to build incredible businesses with our help.

How does the redesigned site better showcase the products that prospects should be most aware of?

We put a lot of time and energy into productizing what Galileo offers and aligning product organization on our sitemap. We now have a section under Products that showcases many of the solutions and features that we offer. We also updated a campaign called “Galileo Does That,” with improved user experience, using high-quality design to educate visitors on our products, so that users don’t have to dig through paragraphs of content to find what they need.

For current clients, how does the new site improve UX and customer service?

Our sales teams and implementation teams do an incredible job educating new clients on all that Galileo offers, but our products are always evolving. When a prospect or client visits our site, they can now easily identify the solutions we provide and the underlying products, services and capabilities that support those solutions. Visitors can also read how our clients are using our technology and capabilities to serve the unique needs of their customers in new and differentiated ways.

How will the site redesign help streamline the job application process for job seekers?

Not only will client prospects learn how Galileo and SoFi are leading the future of finance by visiting our website; they will also experience a new and improved Careers page. We’ve created an office tour video at the top of the page, integrating the job application process into our website that can be filtered by position, department, and location. We’ve added new details on our benefits and values, designed to attract more talent to help us build the future of finance.

How does the new site better emphasize Galileo's brand and value proposition, especially when compared to Galileo's competitors?

Our mission is to expand the financial frontier. In a highly regulated industry, that’s not easy to do. But we’ve succeeded in helping some of the largest neobanks and fintechs in the world challenge the status quo and traditional ways of banking. And, we don’t just work with new founders looking to build a challenger bank or fintech – we work with Fortune 500 companies and established enterprises throughout the world.

The goal of the new website is that ANY company can find solutions when it comes to payments and embedded finance, and that Galileo is the right strategic partner to help them succeed.

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