BaaS and Embedded Finance Could Be a $3.7 Trillion Market


November 20, 2020

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Banking as a service may not be a new concept, but it’s rocketed to the top of fintech consciousness as a predicted multi-billion opportunity for those who get it right.

Strategic consulting firm 11:FS cites research claiming that BaaS could be a $3.7 trillion market by 2030—shifting the competitive advantage to providing and configuring financial services for customer contexts and providing brands with the tools to manage many providers.

If the size of the opportunity steals your breath away, listen in on episode one of this first-of-its-kind documentary created by 11:FS. Culled from in-depth interviews with 11:FS experts as well as a cross-section of top U.S., UK and European fintech leaders, the first episode tees up topics and insights that will leave you asking for more!

Catch the full episode on YouTube:

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