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SoFi and Galileo: Fueling the Digital Future

14 de maio de 2020

The closing today of our transaction with SoFi is a milestone not just for our two companies but for what it says about the transition from physical to digital finance: The future of finance is digital. Together with SoFi, we’re fueling that digital future.

Via our APIs, Galileo already acts as the account of record, including creating and maintaining accounts, transactional ledger, connectivity to the payment networks, fraud, disputes, customer service and the back-office capabilities that enable our clients to launch world-class banking products. And everything we’ve created on the debit side, SoFi has accomplished in the credit arena—not just underwriting and assessing borrower risk, but in the digital application, funding and securitizing as well.

The day-to-day experience for Galileo clients won’t change, as Galileo continues to operate independently. But by bringing together our two complementary businesses, we’re realizing a vision for supporting clients with a comprehensive range of products that’s light years ahead of what others can provide. And, as always, Galileo is committed to confidentiality and protecting our clients’ data—including their customer data, product roadmaps, strategies and plans—from third parties. We will not share client data with SoFi, just as we don’t share a client’s data with any other client. We always have and always will respect the privacy of our clients’ data. It’s core to what we do.

We’re excited to be part of the SoFi family and together deliver the absolute best in financial services technology. We’re committed to help all our clients take advantage of a range of new products unequalled in the market.

Our shared commitment to reinventing and optimizing how digital finance is done today means the future starts now.

11 de junho de 2024

Consumers Are Crowdsourcing Their Financial Services, While Banks Risk Losing Primary Status

Galileo Consumer Banking Report by Datos Insights uncovers the latest consumer banking behaviors and preferences

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14 de maio de 2024

Galileo Highlights its Comprehensive Financial Technology Platform at the Chile Fintech Forum 2024

This is Galileo's first event in Chile following the acquisition of the Argentine unicorn Technisys. As a pioneer in financial technology with 23 years in the industry, the firm offers unparalleled experience and scalability.

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29 de abril de 2024

Galileo Tops 150 Million Accounts in Another Strong Quarter

SoFi’s technology platform, which comprises Galileo Financial Technologies and the Technisys cloud-based core banking services platform, surpassed 150 million total enabled accounts saw continued year-over-year net revenue growth in the first quarter of 2024.

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16 de abril de 2024

Rapid Finance Taps SoFi and Galileo to Enable Small Business Financing

Learn about the new Rapid Access Mastercard by Rapid Finance, in collaboration with Galileo and SoFi Bank. Tailored for small businesses, this card offers flexible, instant access to funds, empowering SMBs with the financial solutions they need to thrive.

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19 de março de 2024

Galileo Launches BNPL Post-Purchase for Credit & Debit

The new BNPL post purchase offering helps banks and fintechs give consumers greater financial flexibility

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