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Tap a $1 Trillion Secured Credit Market Opportunity

Qualifying for credit requires good credit

Tap this $1 trillion annual* market opportunity with a new way to put the unbanked and underbanked on the path to financial security.

With a secured credit product that can eliminate the legacy debt cycle, consumers can:

  • Get a card without a burdensome initial deposit.

  • Graduate to unsecured credit while protecting their credit status

  • Build their credit history

Now fintech providers can provide underserved customers a way to participate in the credit value chain by offering them access to credit—while benefiting from higher interchange rates.

It’s time to make secured credit your competitive advantage. Get the report that shows you how.

*Financial Health Network, formerly known as The Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI), “The Secured Credit Card Pathway: Opportunities in Serving Key Demographics”. Calculation is based on 121 million individuals with thin or poor credit and CFSI’s estimate that approximately 6 million secured credit cardholders used their cards to purchase, on average, $8,100 annually.