Request Access to Our Sandbox

Request Access to Our Sandbox

The Sandbox environment grants you access to a standardized configuration of the Galileo Program API. This shared environment is specifically designed to facilitate your familiarity with the Program API, allowing you to explore its capabilities before integrating your customized programs and products.

Within the Sandbox environment, you can leverage the following features:

  • Gain hands-on experience with select methods from the Program API, enabling you to understand their functionalities and how they can be utilized.

  • Consult the list of available methods within the Sandbox environment, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the options at your disposal.

  • Please note that there is a limit of 1000 API requests every 10 minutes to ensure optimal performance and fair usage.

Additionally, the Sandbox environment offers the opportunity to test a preconfigured simple program (prog_id: 6914) and product (prod_id: 2769) with standard parameters. This allows you to simulate typical scenarios and evaluate their behavior.

While the Sandbox environment provides a generic configuration for testing purposes, if you wish to assess your own custom configuration, we recommend utilizing the Client Validation environment.

By gaining access to the Sandbox environment, you can confidently experiment with the Galileo Program API, ensuring a seamless integration experience when implementing your own tailored solutions. Already have a Pro Sandbox account? Click here to login.