DEMO: Cyberbank Konecta Conversational AI Solution

DEMO: Cyberbank Konecta Conversational AI Solution

Conversational AI for Banks and Fintechs

As banks & FIs move to a digital-first strategy, enabling a conversation layer for their customers will be imperative to meet their digital banking needs. But focusing on the customer shouldn’t mean higher costs for the bank. In fact, properly implemented technology should work to lower operating costs overall.

Cyberbank Konecta was designed to do just that.

One of the largest operational costs for a bank is training, managing and effectively coordinating their call center employees. Konecta helps lower that cost in three specific ways:

  • Enabling a virtual assistant that can manage basic requests from customers, freeing up the call center to focus on more complex inquiries.

  • By giving banks and FIs the ability to integrate Konecta directly into their CRM or call center software, enabling the back-office agent to more effectively manage the customer journey by auto-populating the customer within their defined user segment (customer basis).

  • The underlying engine that powers Konecta is an AI & ML platform that senses human sentiment through Natural Language Processing. By determining the sentiment of the customer, a bank can guide the customer through their user journey.