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Client Spotlight: Flyp Builds Gamified Banking-As-A-Service

21 de julho de 2022

“What if we made banking social and fun?”

That’s the challenge that inspired the creation of Flyp, which integrates social networking, gamification, and rewards into a banking-as-a-service app.

As a digital banking and wallet provider, Flyp saw an opportunity to attract, engage and retain customers with challenges and quests.

A strategic partner of Flyp, Galileo is a strong believer in Flyp’s innovation in user experiences and embedded financial solutions as a way of building customer loyalty.

Galileo sat down with Flyp Founder and CEO BJ McAndrews to discuss the vision and inspiration behind the digital banking app, the market gap it is filling, and how Galileo is helping to solve Flyp’s compliance and fraud prevention needs.


Flyp’s purpose is to make managing finances fun, social and rewarding for anyone looking for a different and accessible experience in banking solutions.

Founders: BJ McAndrews and Gary Zukowski

Founded in 2020 by veteran Wall Street banker BJ McAndrews and serial tech-entrepreneur Gary Zukowski, Flyp officially launched in March 2022 after building out the platform and conducting extensive beta testing. The app is a new option for anyone who is looking for something different than their current banking experience.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

What They Do:

Flyp makes banking engaging and accessible through gamified rewards, sweepstakes, challenges, and quests. As a banking-as-a-service app, they offer a digital wallet with debit card and direct deposit functionality, free overdraft protection, and financial literacy education. The app has no hidden fees, and an engaging rewards program offering up to 110% cashback, making it an attractive and interactive option for those looking for perks in their banking.

Why Galileo:

“We chose Galileo as they are best in breed,” said McAndrews. “The people, the technology, where they were, and where they are going were all factors. We are excited to dig into Galileo’s Dynamic Fraud Engine and operational fraud expertise, as it matches very well with our view and what we can do.”


Customers who use Flyp will find an engaging banking solution that combines minimal fee options with the seamless digital first experience they have come to expect. “Flyp is Financially Liberating People,” said McAndrews. “When you look at the current financial landscape, it has become a one size fits all, and that excludes a large percentage of U.S. consumers. Some can’t afford many of the available options, others don’t trust the traditional solutions, and many want a better user experience, like they have grown accustomed to in sectors such as media, music and gaming. Flyp is here to be that destination.”

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