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New Market Research

| May 10, 2022

Capture the $22 Trillion Consumer Financial Services Market Opportunity

Capture the $22 Trillion Consumer Financial Services Market Opportunity

expanding the financial frontier

Trends in consumer banking products and services

How, where and why people “bank” has changed in ways that it may surprise even the most seasoned bank and fintech pros.

Galileo’s new market research uncovers the opportunities and challenges for every player looking to deepen their impact on consumer’s financial lives and expand their role in the financial services market.

Mastercard’s Sherri Haymond and Galileo Financial Technologies’ Seth McGuire recently shared Galileo’s new research about consumer banking products and services, including where people actually keep their money and what you need to provide to earn and keep their business.

Seth Williams

Seth Williams

Lead Designer


The Acceleration of Digital Payments

The financial services market is both expanding and growing in value. The fintech market alone is fueling that growth at a rate roughly three times higher than the rest of the financial services market.

This webinar explores:

  • Where consumers keep their money

  • How consumers use their accounts—and why it’s changing

  • What really matters to earn and keep customers1