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La prevención moderna del fraude requiere soluciones modernas

Today’s fraudsters are perpetrating new schemes at speed and scale, and the impact to businesses is nearly $30 billion a year. Payments card fraud transactions will rise 20% to $38.5 billion by 2027.

The true cost of fraud cuts much deeper and is tied to brand reputation and poor customer experience. Our Anti-Fraud Playbook is your guide to lowering fraud losses and minimizing your evolving payment risks. We explore the six key tips to jumpstarting your fraud mitigation framework to set your organization up for immediate and long-term success.

This playbook will help you learn how to:

  1. Ditch the reactive approach

  2. Benchmark your fraud appetite

  3. Navigate today’s top four payments fraud trends

  4. Make your fraud mitigation strategy count

  5. What to look for in a fraud mitigation partner

  6. Get ahead of your fraud risks

Download the playbook to improve your anti-fraud strategy by:

  • Targeting fraud at every point in the transaction to proactively identify fraud risks

  • Addressing fraud at the right speed to manage customer impact

  • Leveraging AI and machine learning to gain comprehensive risk visibility