B2B Market Snapshot by Juniper Research

B2B Market Snapshot by Juniper Research

What's Driving the Rapid Adoption of Embedded Finance?

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Just a few years ago, many business leaders couldn’t accurately define embedded payments, let alone say they had plans to add the financial technology to their go-to-market strategy. But the market has evolved at lightning speed, driven first by consumers embracing digital payments in every aspect of their lives and then by businesses adopting related technologies.

Businesses have been fast to follow, and today, Juniper Research finds that 63% of U.S. SMEs are offering some form of embedded finance solution.

The new study, conducted in collaboration with Galileo Financial Technologies, explores the top business drivers behind the accelerated adoption, what businesses are looking for in a go-to-market partner, and what KPIs embedded finance is influencing the most.

Check out this webinar with new research to learn:
  • The newest use cases for B2B embedded finance.

  • How embedded finance can boost revenue.

  • Which pain points embedded finance can help solve.

  • How to evaluate an embedded finance partner.

Sheri Chin

Sheri Chin

Head of Marketing

Galileo Financial Technologies

Nick Maynard

Nick Maynard

Head of Research

Juniper Research