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The Covid-19 Factor: Contactless Payment Adoption in the US

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COVID-19 is shaking-up consumer and business behavior worldwide—payments included.

This free webinar, the third in Group Futurista’s Futurecast series, focuses on contactless payments in the post-COVID world. A dozen global experts will share their perspectives over eight digital sessions, exploring the challenges and best practices to optimize contactless payment solutions.

At 9:50 am Eastern, Galileo’s Senior Vice President Scott Johnson takes the virtual stage in a session moderated by Jennifer Tramontana, president and founder of The Fletcher Group.

Together, they’ll explore how COVID-19 has accelerated adoption of contactless payments in the US, a market that has famously lagged the rest of the world in accepting tap-and-go solutions, and whether the coronavirus-inspired movement to contactless is a fleeting phenomenon or signals permanent change in how US consumers pay.

The webinar opens at 9:00 am Eastern. For more information, click here.


Touch-Free Contactless Payments: Galileo does that!

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