Galileo Securities Solution

Build financial products for investing and transacting.

Galileo Securities Solution

The Galileo Securities Solution powers an entirely new financial category–an everyday product that combines investment returns with complete liquidity and bank-like features.

This new product category isn’t just another spin on debit cards that access invested funds. It merges the worlds of investing and payments to enable a full-fledged, bank-like structure with securities as the source of liquid assets.

And, 100 percent of your customers’ money is invested until the moment they need it—good for your customers and good for you.

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End underperforming consumer assets.

The Galileo Securities Solution provides comprehensive technology and support to achieve your business goals by creating transformative consumer experiences.

It’s an extraordinary opportunity to win new customers (by making investing achievable for almost everyone) and attract incremental assets under management, especially from those dissatisfied with no-or-low returns of funds ringfenced for everyday needs.

And, it offers customers the potential to significantly increase the return on their liquid assets while enjoying bank-like conveniences—debit card, person-to-person payments and other mobile services.

The Galileo Securities Solution starts with our APIs, which enable your developers to easily innovate and iterate in our sandbox, and continues with the industry-leading capabilities of the Galileo Platform.

Merge investing and payments with a full-fledged, bank-like structure with securities as the source of liquid assets.

New Customers/
More AUM

Attract new customers fed up with low returns on their checking and savings assets.


Increase your share of your customers’ wallets with a financial product that eliminates the need for them to keep their everyday spending funds elsewhere.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Delight your customers with an amazing user experience and keep them loyal with convenience, liquidity and investment-grade returns.

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