Galileo Solutions for Rebates and Incentives

With Galileo there’s no limit to where you can take your rebate and incentive programs.

We keep innovating to give you more options to delight your customers.

Rebate and incentive cards have become a mainstay of business efforts to incent customer behavior, drive down costs and build loyalty. And, customers love them because they fit their digitally focused lifestyles better than checks and cash.

We launched our business on the strength of our prepaid innovation, so no one knows rebates and incentives better than Galileo. Powered by our robust APIs and the industry’s most sophisticated payments platform, the Galileo Prepaid Solution can fill all your needs for rebate and incentive cards that deliver a polished customer experience that supports your brand.

And, we keep innovating. Now, in addition to plastic rebate and incentive cards, we offer a virtual rebate and incentive option for all the times and opportunities when there’s no time to wait for a plastic card.

Explore the possibilities of virtual rebate and incentive cards.

In addition to traditional plastic rebate and incentive cards, Galileo offers a virtual option that can drive down your rebate and incentive card fulfillment costs further and delight your customers with instant delivery.

The Galileo Virtual Card Solution enables you to send rebate and incentive cards instantly, so your customers can be in your stores spending immediately—enabling you to recapture those funds.

In combination with the Galileo Debit Solution, you can even create combination virtual/plastic card programs to digitally credit ongoing rebate/incentive payments to plastic debit cards you issue for this purpose. The card is a mini-billboard your customers carry with them as a reminder of you and, best of all, you now collect interchange fees you used to share.

Whether a plastic, virtual or a combo rebate and incentive card program works best for you, the Galileo Program Management Solution enables you to execute like a veteran, and we’re happy to support as much or as little of the start-up and ongoing maintenance of your program as you require. 

With Galileo as your partner,  you’ll discover limitless opportunities for your rebate and incentive programs.

Galileo Solutions for Rebates and Incentives

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