Galileo Solutions for Investment Firms

Sophisticated, quality tech to grow your business. 

Our solutions help you achieve your business goals.

As an investment firm, you’re continually seeking new ways to grow your business—to increase assets under management or boost your share of your customers’ wallets.

Galileo supports your goal with a sophisticated suite of technology solutions you can deploy alone or in combination to create innovative new programs to:


Drive new assets

Compete in new distribution channels

Capture exclusive distribution opportunities

Deepen financial advisor penetrations and earn more financial advisor wallet share


Increase wallet share of current customers

Mitigate competition from traditional financial institutions

Reduce the need for your customers to work with others to manage their money

Introduce new marketing solutions, such as your own branded debit card

With solutions from Galileo, you can achieve your business goals—while creating transformational new programs that deliver polished experiences for your customers.

What’s your USP?

Galileo solutions merge the disparate worlds of securities and investments with banking and payments to unlock incredible new opportunities for you.

Galileo’s best-in-class financial solutions (debit, credit and prepaid) eliminate asset silos that are inconvenient for customers and keep assets outside your management. And, they’re API-driven and flexible, giving you the power to create programs that address diverse use cases. You can, for example, use Galileo solutions to:

Deliver comprehensive cash management services—combining total liquidity and bank-like accessibility to funds—to handle customers’ everyday banking activity.

Offer accumulation and decumulation functionality that supports customers at any stage of their financial lives—while accumulating assets during peak earning years or decumulating during retirement.

Open exclusive new distribution channels to attract more clients and increase assets.

And you can count on the Galileo Program Management Solution to provide the exact support you require to launch and operate programs that unlock incredible new opportunities by merging the worlds of securities and investments with banking and payments.

Let our solutions become part of your unique selling proposition. 

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