Galileo Solutions for Corporate Payments

Gain the efficiency and opportunities of electronic payments by eliminating expensive and inefficient check processing.

Explore the cost savings, efficiency and new business opportunities of electronic corporate payments.

Whether you’re a large, medium or small enterprise, if you’re still using checks to disburse funds to employees and vendors, you’re leaving money on the table and complicating your back office.

Galileo’s suite of sophisticated solutions can minimize the number of checks you write by creating new ways for you to pay electronically and opening new revenue streams, potentially transforming your corporate payments operation from a cost center to a revenue generator.

With Galileo support, say goodbye to expensive and inefficient check processing and hello to the cost savings, efficiency and opportunities of electronic payments.

Enhance your corporate payments operation.

The Galileo Platform and our suite of flexible solutions are your answer to controlling the cost of your corporate payments, introducing new efficiencies to your back office and launching new ways to serve the needs of customers and employees.

Corporate payments may involve a combination of the Galileo Debit, Credit and Prepaid Solutions, depending on the card type of your choice, and the Galileo Virtual Card Solution, which can facilitate in-store financing, online lending, insurance, healthcare and more.

Depending on how you put our solutions to work for you, benefits may include saving on the costs of check production, fulfillment and postage as well as simplifying reconciliation, potentially reducing back-office personnel requirements. In addition, you can employ our solutions to create new revenue streams—capturing interchange by replacing checks with virtual card payments and introducing specialty services (like in-store financing) to new markets. 

Let our solutions become your solution for enhanced corporate payments operations.

Galileo Solutions for Corporate Payments

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