Galileo Solutions for Big Tech

Our tech helps your tech succeed in financial services.

Business moves at the speed of light for big tech firms. We do too.  

You blink and the opportunity’s gone, so you have to act fast—which sometimes requires launching your own capabilities because incumbents can’t deliver what you need now to support your core business.

Financial services are a great example. With your deep understanding of your customers’ preferences and behaviors, you have significant opportunity to fulfill their unmeet needs for financial services that fit their lifestyles—especially for younger and digitally savvy customers, who relate to your brand and trust you with their money. Following through on this opportunity drives additional potential benefits, like cutting out middlemen, driving business back into your ecosystem and increasing your importance to customers.

At Galileo, we understand what you need from financial services and how you can accomplish your goals. Our API-driven solutions suite can support you in launching any variation of debit, credit or prepaid programs with complete digital access and delivery.

The opportunity’s there, so let our tech help your tech grab it—fast.  

Our core strengths in financial services complement your core strengths.

As a big tech business, you have a complex relationship with your customers. In addition to your core business, you’ve created complementary ancillary businesses—expanding and deepening your customer relationships. Increasingly, those ancillary businesses include financial services.

Galileo has the experience working with big tech and the solutions to support any financial services programs you can imagine in pursuit of further solidifying your customer relationships. And, we can put that experience to work for you.

We work behind the scenes, providing the payments technology, expertise and connections for you to achieve success in financial services and to enable you to focus on the other things you need to accomplish.

Whatever you want to achieve, Galileo Solutions—backed by our deep understanding of financial services and our innovative approach to meeting our clients’ needs—can get you there.

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