Galileo Sectors

Galileo is the tech that powers payments—all kinds of payments for all kinds of businesses.

Flexible payments solutions for businesses across the spectrum.

Payments today know no boundaries. Virtually every business has a stake in payments—some simply to pay employees and vendors; others to create bold new programs that leverage their unique market strengths. And, that’s why Galileo is for every business.

The Galileo Processing Platform incorporates a unique account structure that supports flexibility and eliminates silos that constrain efficiency and limit capabilities. And, as part of our platform, our robust API-driven solutions enable diverse sectors to utilize our capabilities to create their own secure, reliable and scalable programs.

At Galileo, we’re engineers, data scientists, payments specialists and developers. And, we’re very good at what we do. So, bring us your biggest challenges and wildest dreams and let us put our solutions to work for you.

Whatever business you’re in, Galileo has a solution for you.

Galileo is the tech that powers payments, but don’t dismiss us if you’re not a bank. Whatever business you’re in, there’s a lot we can do to support you to generate revenue, cut costs and delight your customers with polished user experiences.

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