Galileo Does That!

Galileo offers innovative product features that elevate your programs. If you have a need, we have a solution, because Galileo does that!

Galileo Real-Time Funding animation

Galileo Real-Time Funding

Stop tying up your working capital by funding your employees’ expense cards in advance. With Galileo Real-Time Funding, your employees’ (or other third parties’) cards…
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Galileo card freeze animation

Galileo Temporary Card Freeze

Everyone’s done it—cancelled a misplaced card, only to find it a few hours later. But once done, a cancelled card can’t be undone. So, your…
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Payouts illustration

Spin up your own debit card for payouts.

Galileo Instant offers a fast and simple way for businesses—including non-fintechs, gig economy companies and startups—to create branded debit cards to deliver payouts digitally–to 1099…
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Galileo early pay illustration

Galileo Early Pay

With nearly 75 percent of households experiencing a COVID-19-related reduction in income, getting early access to pay is more important than ever—to pay bills, buy groceries and cover medical expenses.
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Illustration of digital payment methods

Add Contactless Functionality to Your Cards

Galileo’s contactless payment options expand the appeal and functionality of your debit, credit and prepaid card programs. Physical cards will be the #1 electronic payment…
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