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Galileo’s payment processing platform offers two paths to creating successful payment card and digital banking solutions. Explore both and choose the one that’s just right for your business.

Launch fast.
Innovate hard.

Galileo Instant® is a frictionless solution for fintechs, startups and other businesses that want the speed and convenience of creating a debit card program through a single point of contact—Galileo. We’ve lowered the barrier of entry, so you can launch full-function debit cards quickly and easily.


With Instant, you can launch your debit cards in as few as 14 days—start to finish. Your full-function debit cards are customized with your brand and useable for purchases, cash access, paying bills and more.


We’ve eliminated monthly minimums and complicated pricing sheets. Fees are clear and straightforward, and you pay as you go, so you don’t tie up your working capital.


Each time your cardholders generate interchange revenue by making purchases or paying bills, you earn and keep a share of that revenue. The more your cardholders spend, the more interchange revenue you earn.

Full control.
Total Flexibility.

Galileo Pro offers full control over your payment program, with total flexibility and maximum customization. Our powerful APIs and flexible payment processing platform support you in delivering sophisticated payment card and digital banking solutions.  

When you want to build a payment program that’s uniquely yours, Galileo Pro is your solution.


Galileo’s powerful APIs take your payment program wherever you want it to go. And we support as much of your payment back office as you want, so you can focus on building great customer experiences—not the complexity of payment processing.


We have existing relationships with 20+ issuing banks, so you can select the sponsor that’s right for you or continue your current bank relationship. You also can choose your other payment partners, including your payment networks, card manufacturer and more.


With total flexibility to create custom products and unique CX for whatever use cases you’re pursuing, Galileo Pro helps you grab the competitive edge to stay ahead of competitors. And, you can act as your own program manager—or not.

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